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A lot has happened the last couple of months, and we’ve pulled together some highlights for you in this newsletter. We have a new Executive Director; there is an update from Maria Gould (ROR project lead) on the Research Organization Registry; Bryan talks about the retirement of our TDM click-through service; Kirsty has an update on our Similarity Check service; and we have plans to participate as digital exhibitors at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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New Executive Director - it’s Ed!

Back in January, Ed announced that he’d be leaving Crossref. We’ve completed our exhaustive search for a new Executive Director and found someone who is a perfect fit for the job. It’s Ed - he’s back! Much has happened in the past several months which has inspired Ed to change his mind and we’re delighted he’ll be staying.

Read Ed's words on what’s happened to change his mind

ROR helps link research to organizations

ROR IDs, the Research Organization Registry (ROR) unique identifier, will be included in the next Crossref schema update.

ROR IDs help link researchers and research outputs to research organizations––a key piece of Crossref metadata that has been missing. A simple institution lookup feature connected to the ROR API makes it easy for publishers and service providers to add ROR IDs into their workflows so it’s included when content is registered with Crossref. ROR is already working with some organizations to help them integrate ROR IDs in their systems and they’re happy to answer questions and help you get started.

Read the guest blog post about ROR by Maria Gould, ROR project lead 🦁

Evolving our support for text-and-data mining

Things are changing in the way TDM requests are managed, and in response we’re retiring our TDM click-through service. But we continue to support text and data mining, encouraging members to supply TDM licensing information in their DOI metadata, and helping researchers find this information using our APIs.

Bryan gives more background on our decision

Similarity Check version 2.0 is on its way

Over 2000 Crossref members use our Similarity Check service, powered by the iThenticate tool from Turnitin. You’ve given us plenty of great feedback on the tool over the years and this feedback has helped to develop iThenticate v2.0. This new version is now ready for testing - to find out more about the benefits v2.0 will bring, or to volunteer to test it, read Kirsty’s blog.

Find out more about the next generation iThenticate

See you online at the digital Frankfurt Book Fair?

With travel restrictions still in effect for many countries due to the pandemic, Frankfurt Book Fair is offering new virtual options for those who won’t be able to participate in person. Crossref has opted to participate as digital exhibitors. We’re still in the planning stages but expect to host virtual drop-in sessions, 1:1 virtual meetings, and more. Look out for announcements about our sessions in the coming weeks on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn!

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