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Sometimes people think these are the quiet months, while many countries are vacationing. But while we’ve certainly been catching some sunshine around the world, there’s also a lot of planning going on for our LIVE19 annual meeting. In preparation, we have asked an agency to research the views of our community about the main value Crossref offers. As our membership diversifies even further, we really do need to check we’re on the right track, so take another look at our strategic priorities and let us have your thoughts via this survey.

But wait, there’s more… We have a few other important announcements to share with you.  The 2019 election slate is announced, we have a new Director of Product, updates on funders and the funder registry, version 4.4.2 of our metadata schema is out, and a fascinating write up about matching structured references to DOIs.

What do you value about Crossref? Tell us online and in Amsterdam at LIVE19

If you haven’t yet taken our survey, please do so before the end of August if you can. We’ve never asked such searching questions about our strategy and direction before, so we need your input to help shape our priorities for the coming years. The results of the survey and interviews will be shared at our annual meeting, in Amsterdam this year.

It’s a bit different this year; no talks really, just workshops to help hone our strategy. Join us!

2019 Crossref election slate announced

It was exciting to see a lot of interest from our members to serve on our board, which is great as the annual board election is an important event for Crossref. The Nominating Committee reviewed the expressions of interest and we are happy to share the 2019 election slate. Our members elect the board and we would like to see as many of you as possible vote in this year’s election

One member, one vote. Read more about the election process and candidate statements.

Introducing our new Director of Product

Speaking of shaping our priorities for the future, we welcome Bryan Vickery as our Director of Product! Bryan started with Crossref in August and brings both experience and ideas to the table from his time in the publishing industry.  We look forward to his ideas on how we can develop products that will help people use our services and focusing on matters that are most important to our members. *Hint* take the survey and let him know :)

Read a few words from Ed and Bryan.

Funders getting involved with building infrastructure

Not only are research funders getting more involved in the publishing process, but they’re also getting in on the Crossref action by registering their awarded grants and assigning DOIs to these records. Interested in learning more about how we’re working on research infrastructure with and for funders? Join our webinar on September 5th.

Read Josh’s write-up of Funders and infrastructure.

The funder registry that keeps on giving

Many of you use our Open Funder Registry to add unique identifiers for funders to your metadata, making links between research funding and published outcomes. But did you know that the Registry has grown from a humble start of just 4,000 entries in 2012 to over 21,000 funders today? This is thanks to an ongoing partnership with one of our members, Elsevier. 

Find out more about this essential resource and how it is managed in our blog post.

Building better metadata with schema releases

We’ve officially released version 4.4.2 of our metadata schema.  This version brings some updates to the metadata we collect (acceptance dates anyone?) as well as a new, open approach to schema development.  Read more about our new approach and stay tuned for future developments!  

Read what Patricia has to say about this new release.

What if I told you that bibliographic references can be structured? 

There has been lots of interest around Dominika’s work on matching bibliographic references to DOIs, and rightfully so! We’d like to believe it’s magic that helps match references up to DOIs, but it’s a lot more involved than that. Having dealt with unstructured references in previous posts, this latest blog evaluates how a range of matching algorithms work with the structured references registered with Crossref.

Dig into the details.

We’ll be rocking your world again at PIDapalooza 2020 

PIDapalooza 2020 is happening January 29, 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal! The search is on for your PID-inspired session proposals. They should be PID-focused, fun, informative, and interactive. The Program Committee wants to hear your stories, recommendations, tech ideas, and developments.  Please send in your ideas. 😎

Who, what, when - all you need to know about PIDapalooza 2020.

Heading to Frankfurt Book Fair? We'll be there too! 

We love to talk to people in person.  Sure, email and messaging and even phone calls are most convenient, especially when your members and colleagues are all over the world.  But nothing replaces face to face human conversation, so when we have an opportunity to talk to you in person, we grab it. Which is why we’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Frankfurt!    

Come see us at Stand H94, Hall 4.2, October 16-20 at the Frankfurt Book Fair.


Aug 29

Metadata Manager workshop - This session is in Spanish.

Sep 9

Metadata Manager workshop

Sep 16

Applying ORCID in publishing for Indonesia (including Crossref and OJS)

Sep 25

Metadata Manager workshop - This session is in Arabic.

Oct 10

Metadata Manager workshop

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